Day Zero

For better or worse I’m leaving tomorrow for my tramp to Toronto!

I am jet lagged, having arrived in from England in the wee hours this morning. My luggage didn’t arrive and it has some of the clothing I was hoping to take with me. Hopefully I can retrieve it by the end of the day. The weather forecast is not great. But I’m very excited!

A colleague of mine pointed me to the book A Walk to New York by Charles Wilkins, recounting his walking trip from Thunder Bay, Ontario to New York City in 2002. This little extract echoes at least somewhat my own thoughts:

I walked to New York because I felt like it-which is not an explanation people find easy to accept in this age of business plans, mission statements, five-point programs, and endless career or project objectives. I was fifty-three years old, had gotten myself into a rut, and needed a journey, the oldest and still perhaps the best way of resetting one’s compass and reintroducing the possibility of surprise.

As to why I went on foot, the idea was not to move as slowly as possible but merely at the pace of a more observant chapter in human history-to slow things down to where noticing becomes not just possible but unavoidable.

I’ll post photos, starting tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Day Zero

  1. jim lamason

    Dear brother and friend.. know that you go this journey bathed in our prayers, and our love. We all look forward to this journey with you. The photos and thoughts that will come from this trip are look forward to with much anticipation. The Lord go with you and before you.. Jim

  2. Matt

    Will be thinking of you as you start the journey. Looking forward to hearing what surprises await you.

  3. Vanesa from near Scotch Plains.

    That’s Amazing!!! And I will like to be one of your prayer warriors in this journey for safety and strength.
    I will follow you all your way to Canada.
    God bless you.
    Vanesa 🙂

  4. Philip C. Parsons

    This promises to be an incredible journey and looking forward to walking with you in spirit! Enoel Suarez is here at CMML and asking after you. I tried to explain why he could/would not see you (because of your journey) and he looked puzzled and distressed. Many times I explained that you were walking to Toronto from your home in NJ. He smiled, frowned, laughed and asked me to repeat again what you are doing only much slower. I did and he is still puzzled. Perhaps I shall place a call to you later so he can talk to you and you can tell him what you are doing!

    Enjoy it to the fullest!

  5. Jon Bentley

    Walk safely and swiftly, and most of all have lots of fun. We look forward to tramping vicariously with you! Jon

  6. Dan Jr

    To my dearest Uncle – only you – could think up something like this. I was reading your first entry and while you go physically alone, remember that there is One who walks with you. When I was reading this I keep thinking about Christ and the Apostles and the many miles that they must have covered on foot – and how Christ said, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” and it sounds like your going to get a little bit of an experience of what that feels like (minus the sandals I assume…). So happy trails to you dear Uncle – may your journey be Spirit filled – and I’ll be watching your progress – living vicariously through you 🙂

  7. Kevin Biswurm

    I am impressed! I think of so many little things you will be without for this trip. Please add me to your distribution list. Cheryl sent this on to me.
    Thanks and Be Safe!

  8. Dan & Sue

    Safe Journeys my Friend – we’ll be watching your progress and praying with YOU!

  9. Scott D. Andersen

    My three teen girls and I follow, since her wedding, Ali’s blog. I’m excited to hear from you, by reading your blog, as you make this intriguing trip.

  10. Chris and Nancy

    You’re in our prayers Allan, keep safe and enjoy that autumn foliage, the finger lake area should be breath taking !

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