Day 6

I spent the whole day, with one small exception, on Route 6 today.  It was hilly so I got some good exercise going up up up from the Delaware valley.

Before leaving the campground behind, however, I should mention that after finishing my blog entry yesterday I met my neighbors on either side of me. Here is a picture of Dwayne and Stacy:


I didn’t get a picture of Sultan and Mina. Both couples fed me, so I didn’t have to subsist on bars and dried fruit. I had pizza, hot dogs, garlic bread, grilled chicken gizzards — quite a feast. Thank you to all four of you!

Dwayne works for a retail company I won’t name on high retail crime, basically organized crime shoplifting. Who knew there even was such a thing. Stacy sells pre-fab green houses. Sultan is a construction project manager in Queens and Mina is a home care companion. So interesting to meet these people.

It was well past dark when I finally crawled into my tent. Ear plugs blocked out the sound of I-84 and two long-sleeved shirts kept me warm
in my three-season sleeping bag.

I was off by about 9 AM; the temperature was 46 degrees but that was fine — great for walking! I took a few pictures as I walked back through Milford (yes — three miles of backtracking, for a total of six miles to get back to where I had been yesterday at the Dunkin Donuts).

It’s quite a pretty town:



with some interesting street art:




a multi-purpose building:


and a garage for antique cars:


The one exception to Route 6 today was a short stretch on the outskirts of Milford that cut off a curve of Route 6 and that had no traffic on it — quite delightful compared to the whole rest of the day with cars whipping by. The road less traveled goes to the left in this picture:


I saw a little stump sculptures on this stretch:



Not much happened the rest of the day. My legs are getting stronger, I think, and vaseline on my feet helped as well. In the afternoon I stopped at the only eatery on the trip — the 6 West Bar and Grill:


It turned out that the barmaid:


lives in Hopatcong and I walked right past her house before beginning my mini-adventure the other day. She remembers the Devil’s Footprint very well from her youth and wasn’t surprised to hear that there were beer cans strewn about. We had a nice chat about my walk and they gave me a 6 West Bar & Grill t-shirt, which I wore for the rest of the day.

As I refreshed myself with a Guinness on tap, another couple at the bar suggested that I was just three miles from a place I could camp — a state park. I had been a little worried about where I would stay tonight so I was glad of this news. With high spirits I headed for the park only to find a “Strictly No Camping” sign — sigh. There is not much around here so I started to think I was going to have to walk another 15 miles to Hawley, arriving after dark — bad idea.

However, after another mile or two I saw some pickup trucks pulled into the Lone Pine Hunting Club:



I went up to the first one I saw and found myself talking to David, the president of the club. He and the vice-president, Joe, were just packing up to leave and had no problem with me camping on the property. They warned me to tie my food up before retiring, due to the presence of bears!

So here I am basically in the middle of nowhere, hoping I sleep most of the intervening time until sunrise.

Total for Day 6: 14.91 miles
Total so far: 85.36 miles
Total “in the bank”: -4.64 miles
Estimated remaining: 371 miles
Estimated date of arrival: 2013-11-07

27 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Joe Abdy

    After following the the map, we were figured this would be the first real challenge in finding a place for the night, glad you found one. Enjoy

  2. Ginny

    So glad to hear the “vasoline trick” is helping! Keep on trucking…as we all keep on praying!

  3. John McNab

    great post-can’t wait for day 7!
    Your NS bro-in-the-law

  4. Jed

    Yay for trail magic! I’ve done a bit of planning to hike the Appalachian Trail (or perhaps dreaming is the better word)

    And trail magic gift offers of free/low cost camping and food is always a cheery occurance. I’m glad that you have been able to meet some great people on your journey!

  5. Chris and Nancy

    Hi Allan, I have a question. When you’re traveling north towards Binghamton, then continuing NW to the finger lakes, would that be a longer route then following I- 390 westward towards Corning? I can appreciate if its for the scenery which will prove to be magnificent and breath taking around the Finger lakes region 🙂
    That was nice of those gentlemen to let you stay on their buildings property tonight. May our Lord protect you and watch over you. Keep those bears away !

    1. Allan Post author

      I just want the shortest route, Chris. That’s what google maps gives me each day. Every mile makes a difference.

  6. Dave Sutherland

    Your increased strength gives all of us strength! Sleep tight. i’m sure the bears are more interested in gizzards than your bars!

  7. susanne gibson

    Hey, Allan…just got on today! Been a slow-poke, tho have kept up my direct line to OUR Sustainer above as I think of you so many times a day…..’specially when I have some major(?) decision like hot or cold cereal today!!!!!! Your narratives and pix are super. Eat well and be ‘street smart’ please!
    Am forwarding your blog address to my kids as soon as I sign off…David, my 2nd son will be SOOOO envious..that’s his style! He back-backed around the world starting in Rome, one year out of college
    ’78-79, as I recall….combination of walking, hitching, bussing,etc. Sick only once after a bus ride into Damascus@ 3am….got the cheapest room he could, but dozing interrupted all nite…….in AM found it was a brothel!!! Served him right-he’d eaten fresh peeled fruit early in the day! Lesson learned!
    Knowing how Fiona likes to approve your wardrobe, did you pick it out all yourself????????
    The Lord is keeping His hedge around you, I know! Sue

    1. Allan Post author

      Thanks for reading, Sue. Fiona and I seleted the wardrobe together and even did a little shopping for new clothes. I don’t have much and even that seems like too much.

  8. Russell Sutherland

    So glad to read of your journeyings today, especially the Guinness and the dear gun club members. Also quite thrilled to know that you are trying various remedies to combat blisters on your feet. Sweet dreams bro!

    Tonton Russell

    1. Mara

      Hi, there! I follow you’re daughter’s amazing journey on Baby Center. I can see were she got that impressive adventurous spirit.
      Have a safe and interesting journey.

  9. melissa

    Allan, we met at 6 west bar yesterday. So sorry about the state park with no camping. I am glad you made it to the hunting club.
    Best of luck in your travels!

    1. Allan Post author

      Thanks Melissa. I’m about to write the Day 7 blog post, which will include some details of that overnight stay. No problem with the “no camping” thing — I knew this would happen at least once on the trip. Hopefully not again, but I’m OK with it. It’s pretty cool that I walked past your place a few days prior! I wore the t-shirt yesterday and today. It’s getting washed tomorrow.

    1. Allan Post author

      Great question Dave. At home when I’m walking I like to listen to poscasts but I haven’t done that at all this time. I’m actually concentrating quite a bit on the task. There’s a lot to think about to keep safe and to be able to manipulate the cart. I’m also trying to “live in the moment” — absorbing everything around me since this is almost surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  10. David Kother

    Been praying for you and am fascinated and a little jealous as you make this incredie journey. I’m curious, do you have music, iPod, etc while you walk or are you traveling without all that? I hope you have a great time and I look forward to your daily postings!

    1. Allan Post author

      I do have an iPhone and an iPad. I use the iPhone constantly for two things — the GPS tracking and google maps directions. I have two methods for making sure it doesn’t run out of juice. When it’s sunny I deploy a solar charger on top of the tucker tote (you can see it in some of the pictures). Otherwise (like last night) I have a hefty Anker charger that supposedly can charge an iPhone from 0% to 100% four times before it itself has to be charged. As for music, podcasts, etc., see my response to Dave Sutherland (next or previous comment).

  11. TDasu

    Hi Allan!

    I am in awe … amazing!
    Please do post more pictures with you in them.

    Stay safe!


    1. Allan Post author

      Hey Parni! Glad you are following along. It’s hard to post pictures of myself because mostly I’m by myself with no one to take the picture. But I’ll try.

  12. Gus Wolf

    OK – it’s 6:55 local time in Texas on Tuesday. Where’s the update for today?? It’s upsetting our after dinner routine to not have it posted yet!

    1. Allan Post author

      Sorry to upset you today Gus! I’m about to start the Day 7 blog entry — just got back from a nice dinner, as you will see.

  13. Dave

    Glad to know you we’re able to get back on track. What seems so insignificant in a car is a 2 hour detour for you. The folks at Delaware Valley are happy to hear about your progress.

    1. Allan Post author

      Super! Glad they are still reading! In retrospect I could probably have pressed on from Milford, but it really was an unknown so I played it safe. I have to keep telling myself that this isn’t a race (except perhaps against the onset of winter). It doesn’t matter if I take longer than my estimated 30 days. As you will see when I write up Day 7 in a few minutes, I’m actually losing a day tomorrow. Thanks for your support, Dave!

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