Day 9

Meet Terri and Joe:


I met this awesome couple last night when I was getting a bite to eat at the hotel. Terri actually appeared in a picture a few days ago — she works at the hotel here. She was off duty last night and having dinner with her husband, Joe, when we got talking about my trip. They offered to put me up for Thursday night, in spite of the fact that they lived in the opposite direction to the way I was going. They love people and entertaining and have generous spirits. I readily agreed, given that I was looking at another night of camping.

So I set out this morning full of good cheer after my day of reset, and with the prospect of a warm bed later in the day. What a beautiful day it turned out to be, after all the rain predictions. I left at 8:15 and walked through town:




I came across this vestige of the Delaware-Hudson canal:


Here’s a typical road picture:


Here is a strange sculpture, made entirely of short lengths of wood:


with a detail of the tail:


By noon I had covered nearly 10 miles and found this lovely little park in Honesdale where I sat on a park bench for a nap and some lunch:


Jeanie Avery:


in the United Methodist Church office allowed me to use the bathroom and then fired off an email to the church prayer list regarding my travels.

This proud antique car owner thought I was the doppelganger for his neighbor, but wasn’t much interested in my trip:


Here’s a shot of leaving lovely Honesdale:


At this point I was finally off Route 6 and onto the much less busy 670:


After a long uphill climb I reached the charming town of Bethany, apparently originally the (Wayne) county seat until Honesdale got that privelege:


At 15 miles I phoned Terri and asked her if she was sure about coming and picking me up; there was a campground just two miles ahead. She assured me that she and Joe wanted to have me over and left to pick me up. I reached exactly to the campground when she arrived. We bundled everything into her car and drove to their 100-year-old home right on Lake Ariel:



By the time I had showered Joe was home from work and we spent a truly lovely evening, first on the porch looking out over the lake and then inside enjoying an excellent dinner. Joe is an architect and his flair for design is present throughout their house. It was a great evening spent with a special couple and I’m energized for another great day tomorrow.

On a technical note, Matthew has added a new tab — SIGHTINGS. I will press my locator button from time to time during the day and the map there will show my position. My starting position for the day is also shown, together with the google maps walking directions between the two points, which is almost surely how I walked it. So if anyone is curious about where I am during the day, just go to SIGHTINGS.

33 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Dave Sutherland

    Absolutely amazing the things ya miss while zooming along on the interstate!

    1. Allan Post author

      I agree! And there is more — I just got weary of the lousy iPad interface to WordPress, not to mention not wanting to weary my readers.

  2. Jim and Kathy McLaughlin

    Hey Allen, what a great adventure we certainly are enjoying following you on this journey and we are praying for you.
    Kathleen has a twin sister who lives with her family in Maine ny just north of Binghamton that will gladly host you for a night. Email us if interested. Thanks and God bless
    The mclaughlins (woodside chapel)

    1. Allan Post author

      Glad you’re along for the ride Jim and Kathy! I’ll email you about that offer of a place to stay — super.

  3. Marnie

    wondering if you should swing by Watkins Glen on your way up through the Finger lakes. I understand it is beautiful around there.

    1. Allan Post author

      I think that will be off my path, Marnie. I intend to pass through Ithaca and then up between lakes Cayuga and Seneca. It is indeed beautiful around there; I hope to experience a lot of that passing between the lakes.

      1. Matt Wilks

        Too many good options for your route; you’ll have to do the walk again! 🙂 If you were taking one of the other Google suggested paths, you would hit Letchworth State Park to the west of the Finger Lakes. They call it the “Grand Canyon of the East” and it lives up to its name.

  4. David P

    Your trip is reminding me of my grandfather’s walk of the Ulster Way in Northern Ireland in 1979. It took him 33 days during which he kept a daily journal (much like your blog) that was later published as a book.

    Like you, he spent much time figuring out accommodations as he went along. In the days before cell phones and iPads he often just knocked on farmers’ doors and asked if he could sleep somewhere.

    If you like I’ll lend you the book when you get back.

    1. Allan Post author

      I would very much like that, David. I expect at some point to be knocking on doors. I’m glad to be past that region west of Milford where there were no doors to knock on.

  5. Ali C.

    Love the bigger pictures! This is making me wish you were walking for a whole year so you could publish a photo book at the end of it showing all the seasons across the terrain. I think I’m being re-convinced that fall is indeed my favourite season.

    1. Cheryl Biswurm

      I hope he’ll put together a photo book for himself at least with all of the pictures he took. What a great way for he and the family to remember the experience!

  6. Joe Abdy

    Love the new sightings feature and the markers with the photos. I was able to track your progress in “real time” though out the day on the map. If you go to street view, your marker still shows within the street view picture. Yesterday at work I was showing someone this feature and they said, “Look, he’s in the park”. Must have been when you were sleeping!. I noticed a Rock Mountain Bible Camp close to your route for today. Not sure if you know anyone there. Is about 20 miles from your starting point for today, or as some would say, its a hike (pun intended). Also, will you be stopping at Iroquoina or is it just a little too far off the route?

    1. Allan Post author

      Keeping a pretty close eye on me Joe! I totally empathize with your interest in the map aspect of this journey and I’m glad you’re keeping such close tabs on me. I will check out the camp — good tip. Diana will be at Iroquoina this weekend and is planning to pick me up for Saturday night.

  7. Jim Lamason

    Good morning Allan,
    Well another good day on the road… and thank you for the wonderful pictures….. Praying for you… JIM and BEV.

  8. Russell Sutherland

    What an encouraging journal on Day 9! Joe and Terrie are the epitome of what is good about the US, from my boreal perspective.

    Step by step…

    Uncle Russ

  9. Gloria & Angel Valentin

    We love your blogs and the pictures with the beautiful scenery. We’ve been following you everyday.

    1. Allan Post author

      Thanks for following Gloria and Angel. I have a whole pile of scenery pictures from today that I’m going to try and put up, if the connection is fast enough.

  10. Joe M.

    a faithful friend is a sturdy shelter…………good luck on your travels, my friend.
    we will keep an eye on you from cyberspace…….great to meet you and be a small part of your adventure. ……………travel safe !

  11. Donna Bristow

    Allan, i just have to smile to myself when i think of you walking with your baby buggy and tupperware box. I wonder how many people that drive by think you are a homeless wanderer or someone who’s missing a few marbles. Its amazing how fast we judge people by outside appearances. Haha, if they could only meet you and talk to you the way Terri and Joe had the chance to 🙂 Wish you were wandering by our neighborhood here in Istanbul. We’d love to take you in and even walk a few miles with you….

    1. Allan Post author

      I wish I was walking through your neighborhood too! Regarding homelessness, one guy I passed the other day, standing in his yard and drinking a beer asked me if I was collecting cans. I had to laugh. He was suitably impressed when I told him what I was actually doing. I do wonder what all those drivers think as they pass me throughout the day.

  12. Louise Karger

    Hi Allan – My daughter told me about your blog which she saw on Facebook. A year or so ago it occurred to me that it would be interesting to start walking and see how long I can walk in one stretch. Well, as a way of celebrating a milestone birthday (62 – SS eligibility and cheap fares into NYC) I’m going to do it on Nov. 10, my birthday. I live in Morristown and plan to walk right down the main drag of Madison, Chatham, Summit, Millburn and possibly Maplewood and then turn around. We’ll see how it goes! You haven’t mentioned aches and pains or blisters. I have osteoarthritic knees and I expect that is what might stop me. I also plan to visit all the bakeries and sweet shops that I never go into and treat myself to goodies – birthday treats. I’m telling family and close friends about it and welcoming them to walk with me. I have hiked for 7 hours at high altitude on rough terrain before – not intentionally – we greatly underestimated the length of the hike and got caught hiking after dark for several hours. So I suspect I can go much longer than that.

    I am actually impressed with the way you are connecting with people along the way. Although as you said in your blog you have experienced loneliness so I guess that makes connecting more essential. A lot of people really do enjoy helping others out so it’s not surprising you have found people to be helpful.

    Any advice? I plan to carry a light pack with an extra layer or 2, a water bottle and some moleskin!

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts!


    1. Allan Post author

      Louise, that sounds like a great plan! I especially like the part about visiting all the sweet shops. I don’t have any aches and pains, other than weariness at the end of the day. I did develop my first blister today by not following the advice of a friend to swap to my other pair of shoes each day. Another great piece of advice I’ve had from two people is to rub your feet with vaseline before putting on your socks. I think this has really helped me. Good luck! If I’m still walking by November 10 then please put a comment on my blog about your journey.

      1. louise

        yes – I’m looking forward to the bakeries. I’l let you know how it goes. Wow – vaseline – what a good idea! Never heard of it before nor did I think of it myself. I’ll try it out. Gotta go so I can catch up on your blog!

  13. jpl

    I couldn’t help wondering if there was some structure to the 4-digit minor roads in Pennsylvania. Of course there is:

    So we can tell from the leading digit what quadrant of the county Allan has been sighted in.

    1. Allan Post author

      Excellent — I love charts like this! I also love the fact that truck escape ramps get their own highway number.

  14. jim lamason

    Hey Allan, like the sighting feature as well… you look like you are really rolling today? Pushing for a 20 miler day are ya? Good for you!

  15. Jonathan Wilks

    Hi Allan,
    I love the new ‘Sightings” tab. Especially your little face in the teardrop. Let me leave you with this link to a rather stunning vocal presentation which I think you will find uplifting.
    You may have already seen it. It was sent to me by Linda Cottrell (I believe you may have crossed Cottrell Road at the end of today’s trek)and I am usually the last to see these viral videos. It struck me today that Daddy would have gotten such a kick out of what you are doing. Love and hugs.

    1. Allan Post author

      Wonderful, Jonathan. Quite a few sophisticated harmonies in there. I loved it. I’ve seen things like this but not this guy.

    2. Marnie


      Paul and I have been enjoying this fellow’s music for the last few weeks. Amazing. Good for the traveller to hear.

  16. jim lamason

    Looks today you did even more climbing. You hit your highest point. If my math is correct, a quarter of the way there.. And tomorrow is another miles stone.. You will be in 200s miles to go category. Good for you.. Keep on keeping on, Press on Allan, Press on.. JIM

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