Day 5

I crossed the Delaware today!

I was out of the parsonage by 9:15 this morning and headed down the road a tenth of a mile to the UMC church. Recall that this is Pastor Dave’s second church. He was there to conduct the service and it was lovely. He had a little lesson for the children in which he got me to go the front with my cart — great fun!


Tom and Bonnie were there so we had breakfast at the nearby (500 feet away) Deli. They seem to know everyone in town. One of the workers there is a niece of Alan and Deloris Schetelich!

Bob Dadd said he would like more pictures with me in them. OK, here’s one, after breakfast:


So I got a late start to my walking, at about 11:30. With high spirits, I headed for the Delaware River crossing, the one that leads into Milford, not Dingman’s Ferry (see yesterday’s post for the reason for this choice). It was pretty level for a while and then sudddenly started to descend into the river valley:


When I saw this sign I started wondering how they would collect my toll:


Am I a car?


Rats — I should have brought my EZ-Pass!


Is that a footpath I see to the right of the bridge?


Indeed! And I even got the right river!


It was a beautiful crossing. Here’s a picture I took with one foot in New Jersey and the other in Pennsylvania:


It wasn’t far to Milford, and by the time I got there the light cloud cover had lifted to reveal this very pretty town in all its autumn glory:


I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for a slurpie (or whatever they call those things), plugged into the mains and free wifi and did a little research. It turns out that my destination campground is a gated community. The plots are privately owned and the only thing that makes it a “campground” is that its residents put RVs on their properties, rather than houses. Anyway, that was out as an option. The next segment on Route 6 after Milford is a pretty steep climb and there is effectively no opportunity for lodging — no hotels, no towns, no campgrounds, no friendly (or otherwise) farmers and bears to contend with if you just set your tent up in some random location off the highway — no thanks. So I elected to go to a nearby campground about three miles away, though in somewhat the wrong direction. I think I won’t have to backtrack tomorrow, but more of that on the Day 6 post.

I arrived at the campground forthwith:


It is right where 209 merges onto I-84 — you can see I-84 high and in the background; the lower highway is Route 209. I hope it won’t be too noisy. Soon I was assigned a site with water and electricity ($26 for the night):


That water you see is the Delaware — yup, I’m right on the bank, practically. Lovely. Here’s a shot from my site into the campground:


and here’s another picture looking down the Delaware:


I set my tent up without making too many mistakes (I had practiced in my backyard a month ago):


Do you see the black cord snaking into the left side of this strategically placed tent? I can charge up my devices overnight. ย Here is a close-up:


I used my iPhone level app to figure out which way to put my head:


then laid out my sleeping bag, and it was as good as a hotel room!


In the middle of this process, a hawk landed just 20 feet away from me on a post. I managed to snap a photo before it flew off. Anyone care to identify it?


Because of the change of plans today, I didn’t get my 15 miles done, but I will make up for it tomorrow with an 18-mile hike with a lot of climbing. I hope I’m up for it!

Total for Day 5: 8.75 miles
Total so far: 70.45 miles
Total “in the bank”: -4.55 miles (I’m in debt!)
Estimated remaining: 383 miles
Estimated date of arrival: 2013-11-07

28 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Ann Furnari

    Love the fact that we get to see photos of your journey. Keep them coming!

  2. Gus Wolf

    Looks like a Red Tail Hawk to me. We have been more than enjoying your trip from the comfort of our den. Yes, the Wolf’s have a den. You are a brave man, Allan. Perhaps I should consider a walking trek to visit my daughter in Lubbock!

  3. Joanne Wolf

    What fun to follow your travels here in Texas. Thanks for what will be endless hours of entertainment. Perhaps I should try a walk to NJ! JW

  4. Wink

    Allan was the niece of Alan and Delores named Lynn Schaeffer? My in laws are curious.

  5. Laura Haggan

    Hey Allan,

    Very much enjoying your blog and the pictures of the people you are meeting are great…I think your bird friend is a red-tailed hawk…sometimes we have them in our neighborhood. Be safe and miss you!

  6. rachel furnari

    my fav post so far ๐Ÿ™‚ looks absolutely beautiful !!! enjoy

  7. Chris and Nancy

    Hi Allan, We have some good friends in South Buffalo who would be happy to open their home to you. They are close to the Peace Bridge. We can let them know when you are closer to them on your arrival date,you would like them much, they are very nice !

  8. Bill Cheswick

    I have slept in that campground a few times. It is one of the places the Boy Scouts would stay before
    or during an overnight canoe trip down the Delaware. We have seen eagles in that area, so keep your
    head up!


  9. Marnie

    I was anxious to get home tonight to hear about the Delaware crossing Allan. Your blog answered quite a few questions I had. Hope the rain we have in Ottawa is not in your woods tonight.

    1. Allan Post author

      No rain — it’s a crystal clear night and I’ve enjoyed spending time with my neighbors — they fed me well!

  10. Wen-Ling

    I am glad that you made progress while taking somewhat a sabbath…

  11. Scott Vander Wiel

    We NM Vander Wiels are quite enjoying keeping up with your travels. That Milford area is truly beautiful this time of year. Best wishes climbing out of the river valley tomorrow!

  12. Kenneth Holms

    Was it warm in the tent ? What I’ve seen so far is so beautiful without all the highways to bother with.
    I bet you’ll lose a lot of weight before you arrive in Toronto.

    1. Allan Post author

      I was warm in my sleeping bag once I put on two long-sleeved shirts. Good sleep last night.

  13. jim lamason

    Love this blog. Even here Bev asked me to check the blog. Congrats on one milestone down… we have been praying for you along the way.. press on today.. i know enough about where u are to know this day is going to be mostly up hill as you climb out of the river plain and begin your journey over the poconos and endless mountains. God speed our friend…

    1. Bob & Dorothy Burnham

      Allan, I was in contact with your brother Jonathan regarding our planned trip to Toronto to visit with your Mother. Jonathan gave us your walking itnerery. Teriffic!Are you taking all the back roads and trying to contact small assemblies? We are leaving tomorrow (Oct 15th) for Ontario and expect to be away for only a week. Maybe we could intersect your walk on our return trip to Delaware. Have you established your exact route? Love Bob & Dorothy

      1. Allan Post author

        No exact route Uncle Bob. I just ask google maps each morning for the best walking path to Toronto and basically follow it. I’m trying to do 15 miles per day. Sometimes I just stop where I am at a hotel or camping ground and sometimes I have pre-arranged places to stay. So we might be able to intersect — that would be wonderful! But we would have to set it up at the last minute because I don’t know where I will be then.

  14. Janna

    So much fun to track your journey Allan, and wonderful to see the colour in your pictures as well as the wildlife! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Russell Sutherland

    Wonderful day and post and sights and scenery! I concur with the Buteo Jamaicensis (aka Red Tailed Hawk). It’s a great bird photo… May I cross post it on my FB feed. Some of my bird watcher friends will love it.

    Rusty (but not Scuppered)

  16. Rosemarie Ling

    Hi Allan,
    I’m a friend of Pete’s. He sent the blog site to my husband David and I.
    I am a power walker and one of my goals in life is to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain one day. When I heard about your walk I was really excited about your journey. I will be praying for you as you journey towards Toronto. I would love to meet with you when you arrive in Toronto.
    It’s great that you are choosing the best time of the year to walk. I am a 1/2 marathon power walker and there is always a time limit to races. But I love the fact that you are walking at a stress free pace with no time limit to stop. Wish I could be walking with you to see the beautiful scenery along your journey.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Allan Post author

      I’m delighted that you are following the blog Rosemarie and I look forward to any tips you might have for me. Hopefully we meet up when I get to Toronto.

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